Q.Can any other farmers see my information?
A.No one can see you information unless you provide them with your username and password.
Q.Does the Marketing Board have access to my flock/financial information?
A.No, they do not have access to any flock/financial information at any time.
Q.What information gets sent to the Marketing Board?
A.The only information that gets sent to the Marketing Board is the OFFSAP section and only when you send it.
Q.Can anyone at The Farm Toolbox see my information?
A.No, the only information we see is the billing information and how many barns you have registered
Q.What relationship do you have with the various Marketing Boards?
A.The Farm Toolbox is an individual corporation and an entirely separate entity, not associated with the Marketing Boards in any way. In addition, to ensure that our program data is accepted by each Marketing Board, we do assist in providing feedback to the Boards regarding concerns and ideas expressed by our members.
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