The New Farm Toolbox has launched!

  • The Farm Toolbox has been upgraded to include all of the new information found in the 2014 On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program manual. This information becomes mandatory on May 15th, 2014.
  • Daily reporting is now located on a single page and navigation through the entire site is much simpler to help the user find their crops faster.
  • We’ve included several new benchmarking parameters that help make reports and graphs easier to read.
  • To take full advantage of all the new farm management tools, users are encouraged to ensure their crops are associated with a feed mill and a processor and to include all production costs, birds placed, feed consumption, kg’s shipped, and the area of each house between 500 and 5000 square meters.
  • Members can now manage their own accounts and renew their membership online through PayPal.

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