Terms And Conditions


After your 90 day trial membership we will send out an invoice to you 30 days prior to the subscription expiry by either mail or email. Once received, please ensure that you make the full payment prior to your membership expired date either by cheque or credit card. For membership renewal or subscription changes please contact us.

Confidentiality and data integrity

As per our privacy policy our goal is to ensure that we provide a private and secured method for our members to enter in their data. This will allow our application to do the necessary calculation and comparisons that farmers required to monitor their success.

Membership Options

There are two main membership options available:

  1. 90 day trial membership
  2. Yearly membership

Cancellation Request

All memberships are based on a yearly contract, however if you wish to cancel before the expiry date we require 30 days notice. There after all data will be deleted from the servicer and no refunds will be given.

Membership Renewal

You will receive automated renewal notification by email 30 and 7 days prior to membership expiry date. However, please be reminded that with or without receiving the automated renewal notification, it is your responsibility to renew your membership and to ensure that payment is received by TheFarmToolBox.ca prior to your membership expiry to avoid administration costs for reinstatement of membership and loss of data previously entered. There is will be a onetime fee of $100 for reinstatement of membership.

Expired Membership Data

TheFarmToolBox.ca will maintain your data on our database for a period of 30 days after the membership expired date. After that, all data will be deleted.

Reinstatement of Expired Membership

An administration fee of $100.00 is levied for reinstatement of expired membership. TheFarmToolBox.ca will only reinstate expired member after payment of the administration fee is received. We will only reinstate the membership old data if the renewal is made within the 30 days after the membership expiry.

Tax Charges

For all memberships with Canada prices include 5% GST, however if outside Canada you are tax exempt. After 2010 memberships that are from the province of Ontario will have the 13% HST tax included in the pricing.

Return and Refund Policy

No returns on electronic services are available. All payments are final and non-refundable.

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